Other Services


Retirement Planning


Retirement planning focuses on setting goals and creating a strategy for accumulating wealth to provide the comfortable retirement you deserve. It also includes considering the most suitable way to generate income in retirement, based on your own requirements and attitude to risk. As everyone has different circumstances and objectives, you can have confidence KFS will be at your side to advise you.


KFS uses sophisticated financial planning software to give you a complete view of your financial position now and projections for your future retirement. This comprehensive analysis can demonstrate the effects of any 'what if' scenarios you wish to explore, allowing us to provide strategic recommendations for you to achieve your financial ambitions.






 Estate Planning


Estate planning is the process of arranging for the disposal of your estate during your life. To ensure your estate is passed to your intended beneficiaries with minimal tax and expenses, KFS can help by confirming the appropriate wills are in place, establishing trusts, maximising your allowances, or gifting your estate.


 Tax advice which contains no investment element is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Risk Management


At KFS, we ask you to complete our 'attitude to risk' questionnaire and we then analyse your responses to determine your tolerance to risk. This gives you confidence that your investments are aligned with your expectations. KFS can also recommend a strong foundation of policies, such as life insurance and income protection, as well as emergency funds to relieve the financial pressures caused by life's uncertainties.