Investment Management

If you have capital to invest either personally, through a pension scheme or within a trust, our advisory management service is designed for you. It aims to optimise the productivity of your capital whether this is to accumulate wealth, provide consistent income or to meet specific investment targets. This can be for both lump sum and regular capital investments, our investment management service caters to all client investment goals.


Unlike discretionary fund managers, with KFS you retain complete control of your investments as we will not make any changes to your portfolio without your prior consent.

1st Pillar - Confirmation of Investment Objectives & Timescales

In the first stage, goals will be established - not only financial ones, but life goals too.  At this stage it is important to differentiate between easy access funds earmarked as emergency cash funds, capital you want to keep aside to spend within the short term i.e. less than five years, and capital you can invest for the longer term with the objective to match, if not beat, inflation. 

Investment Process

KFS defines the investment process under four pillar headings which support the objective of a profitable, sustainable and growing investment.



3rd Pillar - Construction of Diversified Investment Portfolio

The single best way to utilise an investment is to diversify across different types of assets. KFS firmly believes in strategic asset allocation. Each investment we use is thoroughly researched to reduce risk to your investment.

2nd Pillar - Completion & Analysis of Risk Tolerance

A profitable and sustainable investment cannot be made without being open to and affected by risk. KFS carries out risk assessments to select the most appropriate investment for you, and to ensure you are comfortable and confident with your investments. KFS uses a layered risk model to protect against risks that can harm your investments, and makes clients aware of any potential implications.



4th Pillar - Regular Portfolio Reviews & Rebalancing

At KFS, we believe that ongoing reviews are vital for effective investment portfolio management which allows you to keep informed on the progress of your investments. Having regular reviews means you have the opportunity to reassess your objectives and adjust the portfolio accordingly.


The value of your investments may go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invested.


Tax advice which contains no investment element is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.