Trusted Testimonials

Here at KFS we pride ourselves in providing a high quality service which is recognised by our clients.  We care about our clients and their lives, and they trust us, having the confidence that we will always give them the right financial guidance. Here is what some of them had to say: 

CM & LM:


"Before we became clients of KFS, we had used a different advisor every time we made a major financial decision in our lives – buying a house, setting up life assurance, pensions advice, and so on – and to say our financial affairs were a little bit muddy would be putting it mildly!


Having been with KFS since 2005, we are delighted that we have built a long term relationship with someone that we can trust our financial affairs to. Having initially paid fees on a transaction basis, we were keen to take up the Gold Service Package when KFS moved to a fee based structure. Through this, Geoff and his team continue to provide us with excellent advice, which we know is completely independent of any commission which they would otherwise earn and therefore we are comparing the best deals available to us before we make any decisions.


Through our regular meetings, we know that we are on track to meet our financial objectives for our son and for ourselves, and our “muddy” financial past is now being cleaned up. It has been a pleasure to deal with such a friendly team of people, and we look forward to continuing this relationship for many more years – at least until we are enjoying the benefits of all this careful financial planning!"




"My wife and I have been using the financial services of Geoffrey Purcell for the best part of 20 years whilst he was with large financial organisations. My children, now grown up, utilise his services. Although Geoffrey provided a good service whilst with other organisations there was little in the way of opportunity to customise my individual requirements. I have recently taken out a Silver customer scheme with KFS - the company now run by Geoffrey. This has meant that for a predetermined fee I get an individual service specifically designed to meet my needs. This has proven to be a great advantage. I meet with Geoffrey and discuss my financial situation on a regular basis. It has given me a much greater sense of where I am and where I am going to be when I decide to retire.


Having all this explained in detail and being provided with documented reportage has meant that for the first time I feel I understand what I am trying to achieve and how to achieve it. The ability to manage my portfolio to suit my current situation provides far greater flexibility than I have ever had before. The team working with Geoffrey have been a great help in assisting with the setting up of this scheme. It made it all very easy.


I would recommend KFS and this type of scheme to anyone. The fact I have been with Geoffrey for the past 20 years speaks for itself."




"KFS offer a very personal quality service. The small team of advisers are always well informed, pro-active and responsive when dealing with transactions and advice. Since Geoff and his team introduced Transact I now feel in control of my pension portfolio. The 24/7 online availability, together with the tailored support from KFS provides increased flexibility and control not typically available from company pension advisers or brand pension products."




"I have been using Geoffrey Purcell as a Financial Advisor for the past 15 years, starting from a transactional relationship when he represented a large insurance and investment company to the more holistic financial package advice for past number of years with KFS. The change in my needs, responsibilities and aspirations over the years has resulted in the building of my relationship with Geoff to the point now where I get all of my financial advice from Geoff and I do so because I rate it and trust that advice.


Initially Geoff and I put in place a few simple investments when I was a young professional. After my wife and I got married we started to utilise the breadth of services Geoff offers much more and took on life insurance and pension plans, as well as continuing to grow our investments in equities and bonds in a much more diverse and balanced portfolio. In all these areas as my portfolio has grown Geoff's advice has been essential to us to ensure that all our present and future needs are addressed as our family grows and we look to provide for them as they grow up such that we can meet our aspiration for them to have the best chance in life as we have had.


I believe Geoff provides a very focused and professional service in a very open and personal manner. I have no hesitation in recommending Geoff and KFS as Financial Advisers, as I already have to many friends."