Group Pensions


Most employers today care for their employees and want to ensure that they adequately plan for their retirement. An excellent way of doing this is to provide an incentive for employees to pay into a pension scheme. This is often done by offering an employer's contribution which is only available if the employee matches this themselves. Providing a group pension shows a level of corporate social responsibility which is a key feature of businesses today and also makes your company a more attractive employer to work for. This can in turn increase your employee retention rates as well as attracting new potential employees.


Another advantage of a group pension scheme is the ease of administration compared to making employer contributions into employees individual schemes. Also, making employer contributions into pension schemes has the advantage of reducing your corporation tax liability.


At KFS, as well as setting up pensison scheme, we offer pension advice to both employers and employees of clients on an regular basis as past of our pension services.



Pension Review Packages


We offer three group pension service packages to suit your company needs and budget. We believe that to provide effective pension planning, portfolios need to be created and constaly updated to reflect changes in employees' attitudes to risk, circumstances, and market conditions. Providing annual reviews to each employee not only helps to address this but also focuses employees on their retirement planning, educates them about investments and provides an opportunity to give ongoing advice regarding their employee benefits.


Gold Service Package:


The gold package is our most comprehensive service

which provides the following:

• Face to face initial meeting with every member

• Face to face annual review meeting with every member

• Personal bespoke portfolios for each member.


Silver Service Package:


The silver package provides the following:

• Face to face initial meeting with every member

• Paper based portfolio review sent to each member annually

• Set portfolios for all members based on their age and attitude to risk.


Bronze Service Package:


The bronze package provides the following:

• Initial set up of the scheme only

• Face to face initial meeting with every member

• No regular reviews for each employee.

Kilkee's Other Pension Schemes

Directors Pensions



At KFS we recognise that every client is unique, and thier pension schemes will allign to this. Directors and other senior management may be in the position where they seek alternate pension funds which can provide extended flexibilty and greater potential for growth.


Below are some of the several different alternate pension schemes KFS offers to match clients unique needs.


Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs):


These schemes allow you to use your pension funds to invest in a very wide range of investments. This can range from equities to commercial property. A common use for a SIPP is to purchase a commercial property with your pension funds and let it to your company. This provides you with a tax efficient way to own your commercial property and provides secure tenants. SIPPs are usually more suitable for people with larger pension funds in order to make them cost effective.



Personal Pensions through Wrap Accounts:


For most people, using a SIPP is not the most suitable option for saving for retirement unless you want to own a commercial property or other physical property allowable under a SIPP. Personal pensions through wrap providers can give you access to direct equities, unit trusts, OEICs, and offshore funds allowing you a very large amount of flexibility in a more cost effective manner than using a SIPP. Wrap accounts will also allow you to hold other investments under the same umbrella. This can include ISAs and share portfolios.



Other Personal Pensions and Stakeholder Pensions:


If you do not require the flexibility that the above schemes provide, you may find that using a standard personal pension or stakeholder pension may be more cost effective for you, especially if you have not yet built up a pension fund.


At KFS we seek to give you the confidence that your future is secure through your pension and that we have with your help recommended the best financial vehicle to allow this.