Group Protection


Life Inurance



Here at KFS we care about our clients and always seek the best for them in life. But having protection for our clients and their employees, should the worst happen, is something that KFS strongly encourages. Providing death in service benefit can be a cost effective way of providing your employees with life cover and providing their families with financial security for when they'll really need it most. Employer - Employee relations can be strengthened by demonstration of your commitment to their health and family welfare.Contributions are also eligible for corporation tax relief and premiums are normally lower than if employees arrange it themselves.


Private Medical Insurance



Providing private medical insurance to your employees offers them an excellent employee benefit but can also reduce the length of time that your employees are on leave as they may be able to receive treatment much quicker than they would normally on the NHS.


Private medical insurance covers the costs of private medical treatment for acute conditions, ie short-term curable medical conditions, and most policies will cover the stabilisation of chronic (long-term) medical conditions. This includes the cost of surgery, specialists, nursing and accomodation at a private hospital or a private ward of an NHS hospital. There are also a number of different options for group private medical insurance to suit your budget.  


Kilkee Financial Services can help you to identify the most suitable group private medical insurance policy for your company and will help set up a scheme. We can also review your existing scheme to see if it still offers the best and most cost effective solution for your needs. KFS sets out to make life easier for you.


Income Protection



In the event of a member of staff being unable to work due to an accident or illness, a group income protection policy will provide a regular payment to the company after a deferred period (usually three, six or twelve months). The benefit will continue to be paid until either the employee is able to return to work or until they reach retirement age.


The purpose of this type of scheme is to provide a way for an employer to continue to pay a proportion of an employees salary if they are unable to work. This type of scheme may be offered as an employee benefit paid for by the company or it may be an option that an employee can choose to join and pay for themselves. 


Critical Illness



A group critical illness plan will provide a lump sum to an employee to help with the financial impact of a defined critical illness. This lump sum can help to provide a safety net which may allow a spouse not to work whilst the employee is critically ill, it may be used to make house alterations and to employ help in the home.


This benefit can be an excellent complement to death in service benefit and income protection. The premiums for this type of cover are normally cheaper on a group basis over employees taking out cover personally. Group critical illness can be provided as a benefit paid for by the employer or it can be an option for employees to pay for themselves.