Full Financial Planning Services


The following Financial Planning Services are on offer at KFS.



Annual Review Meeting With Your Adviser





Financial Strategy Modelling








The Total Access Service




The Priority Response Service


The Remove The Hassle Service




The Second Opinion Service




The Professionals Service







The Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning Service



The Taxation Planning Service


Portfolio Establishment








Portfolio Reviews

Guaranteed face to face meeting with your adviser to discuss changes to your situation over the previous year and developing your financial strategy as appropriate.


A complete review of your financial position using our sophisticated financial planning software. This allows you to see the effects of any 'what if' scenarios you wish to explore and provides strategic recommendations for you to achieve your financial ambitions.


Unlimited face to face meetings, telephone calls and email communication with all our team.


Phone calls and emails returned within one working day.


Taking the complexity and hassle out of administering your financial life, sorting out your paperwork and providing reassurance when necessary.


Making ourselves available to consider new ideas from whatever source they may originate.


Providing strategic updates to your accountant and any other professional adviser. Supplying end of year tax information (as required) and recommending suitable professionals as other needs arise.


Working alongside your family, solicitor and accountant to maximise planning opportunities.


In conjunction with your accountant and other taxation advisers.


Defining investment goals and objectives. Completing a sophisticated attitude to risk analysis, creating an asset allocation to achieve your goals within your risk boundaries, and selecting the right blend of funds within your asset allocation.


Fund Review: This involves a review of the individual fund managers, the style and sector allocation and performance of each fund to ensure they are delivering what we expect over time.


Rebalancing: If one asset outperforms another it is important that we take the profit from this and redistribute it so that you do not become too overweight in one area. This ensures you remain within your risk boundaries.


Monitoring of your investment goals and risk tolerance: It is important to monitor the progress of your investments as you move towards your investment target. We will also monitor any changes to your attitude to risk so that we can restructure your portfolio accordingly.




The value of your investments may go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invested.


Tax advice which contains no investment element is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.